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Hi, just recently joined oozing goo and took the plunge to buy an orange fluidium off Ebay. Not got much experience with lava lamps as this is only my third lamp. Could some one please tell me how clear the liquid  should be as the liquid seems to have a orange tint to it -  not cloudy.  Also seems that the lava when in flow contains a lot of air bubbles big and small, and some of the lava just stays at the top of the bottle. The flow seem to be slow and in a main column, but will rise to the top. The seller did say that it had been stored and not used for some time. Have run it three times so far and it doesn't seem to be improving. Could any one give me any advice or is the bottle compromised.

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Hi, Magmaman thanks for the reply. The bulb I am using is one of three supplied with the lamp, It's a Mathmos 240v 40w VAC -G3 coloured one. The seller said that two were orange a one was clear, but they look more like red to me. The white one is the same but is frosted instead of being a clear bulb. Are these what you class has being a 40watt reflector? The heat shield is in place and I have run the lamp up to 5 to 6 hours, I am tying the white frosted one to see if this makes any difference. The main concern I have is the air bubbles that are in the wax, I hope that they will disappear with use. I am relived to know that the orange tint is nothing to worry about.

My yellow fluidium sounds just like that (not with a yellow tint though). I bought it brand new and it's always been slower than my other fluidiums. It also has lots of bubbles and yes, some of the lava just sit's at the top but i've just learned to live with it.

Some bottles are just akward in personality..LOL!
Hi, Creambuns thank you for your reply. Seems that I was spoilt with the performance of my other two lamps a Mathmos jet & astro, which really bubble and flow well. Tried the frosted white bulb last night pretty much the same result the lava seems just to go up in a column and collapses down on it's self doesn't really bubble and flow. This hasn't put me off buying another fluidium especially if an opal one came a long boxed and in excellent condition wishful thinking. Do your other fliudiums just rise in a column or do they bubble and flow well?
Hi Bill,

My other fluidiums flow so beautifully (especially the green one) it's totally different from the yellow one and was bought around the same time. I've always used the right bulbs in both but the yellow globe is just a black sheep as far as i'm concerned.

I guess i just hooked a bad 'un is all. So you see, i don't always believe that Mathmos has the best flow but i'm not knocking them at all, heaven forbid. Just on the odd occassion you can end up with a dud.

All my other Mathmos lamps are total eye candy so definately don't let this put you off buying anymore!.
Hi, Ceambuns,

Is the green fluidium the one that Mathmos are still selling on their web site? This will not put me off buying any more lamps. I think I have caught the bug for them. I have also started collecting the morphing lights that Mathmos do.
Yes they are still selling the green fluidiums and i personally think they are well worth the money.

The one i bought had alot of air bubbles and flowed slowly at first but once broken in it flows like a dream and only a few bubbles. I remember someone mentioned that the green globes suffer from more bubbles than the others but it's gorgeous now.

I bought a green/blue fluidium globe off ebay years ago and never used it till quite recently (i didn't like green lamps but have warmed to them now). I hated the colour combination when i bought it but hey! it's a fluidium globe so couldn't pass it up!! LOL!!
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply, it is the mk1 cost me £34.26 plus £10 p&p. It came with it's original box and documentations. All in excellent condition, You are right about it clearing up after it has been running for some time as I did comment to my wife last night that the liquid seemed clearer after in had been on for about 5 hours. How often should you use these and any other lava lamp? Is it best to not use them every night?
Hi, Magmaman,

Thanks for the information. Are theses 30 watt reflectors available to purchase from your local DIY store, or are they available on-line? Also, do they need to be frosted or clear?
Once again thanks for you help.

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