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Found this beautiful glitter Lamp in my new House.

Does anybody now how old it is, maybe a manufacturer and how much it could be worth?

Thank you 


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I'm sure someone one will know, but I've never seen anything like it.

Pretty cool design though.

Shame the bottle tops broken. Presume the glitter fluid needs replacing too?

These pages contain pictures of most of the vintage European glitter lamps, so if it's not there then it's a pretty rare design: Welcome to www.trippyglitters.com Mini Index, a site dedicated to t...

I know the previous owner was from UK.

But I think it's possible to replace the Fluid and the Glitter.

Are there sets available to replace the complete Fluid with the particles?

As it has a broken top/the seal may not be 100% now, I'd use one of Marcel's kits whish are apparently non-toxic (unlike the original recipes!): GlitterKit Fast (goolamp.com)

Perhaps you could tidy up the bottle top by using a Dremel to even it out and sand it smooth?


Sorry my mobile is not working.

I´ll give it a try and buy a refill-kit.

But i won´t dremel the tip off, the red Glass cap hides the broken part.

How do i dispose the old contents from the bottle?

I hadn´t found my lamp on trippyglitters.com.

It's likely to contain perchloroethylene (PERC).

According to google, to dispose of you should "Dissolve or mix the material with a combustible solvent and burn in a chemical incinerator equipped with an afterburner and scrubber" :P

Seriously though, it's used in dry cleaning, and as a metal cleaner.

It would be irresponsible of me to suggest it goes own the drain, so your best bet would be to ask at your nearest recycling centre. Hopefully they'll allow you to take it there.

It's not flammable, but will melt thin plastics (like pop bottles), so transfer it in something like a plastic paint thinners container that's designed to hold solvents.

I E-mailed photos to Anthony Voz from trippyglitters.com.

They have never seen a lamp like this before.

I'll take some good pics and send them too.

That would be great.

Tbh, the bottle shape is more like a boiler lamp, and I did wonder whether it originally might have been a sealed unit, with no bottle cap?

Does the underneath of the bottle have any coloured stripes painted on it? 

Yes it's coloured in stripes, the Bolltle has a cork with a wax-seal on it 

It would be highly unusual for a glitter lamp to be cork sealed. Definitely added after breaking I think. 

Would have been a screw cap (any evidence of a thread left?), or possibly a sealed unit as suggested above. 

alain-noel is this one you've seen before?

Sorry Mark,

No there isn't anything left like a thread, I think the cork is the original seal.

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