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I will offer a free globe (32oz) to anyone that can find me the font used in the logo of the picture below (the "fantasia" word).

Fantasia Serena 01

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Hello Kris,

should the rest of us be excited too? Might there be some sort of announcement coming up?

Tim Tam
Depends. I am going to work on taking pre-orders here shortly. They will be for the Sunburst spray. I need to have at least 40 orders, 50 would be ideal.

More info coming soon.
Sounds good. Even though I don't have a fiber optic lamp yet I might still be interested. In the case that I am not able to get my hands on a lamp, I think if you had the spray it would be entirely possible to DIY the rest.

Any estimation on the likely price? Best case, worst case.

Tim Tam
Let's say, for the sake of conversation, that you HAD 50 orders. At that number, price would be around...what? My Sunburst spray's box lists a price.
They would be around $150 per spray. Yeah, my sheet from the 80's has the price as well. However, that was in the 80's and they were ordering them in the HUNDREDS. The demand is not that great. Also, I have tried to secure the initial cost for 50 up front, but the risk is to great and most do not want to risk not getting their money back.

That's the scoop. It's a little over double what it was back in the 80's. I suppose if I could order 300, the numbers would be much lower, but that is not an option.
Offer is still on the table to anyone that can make me a logo like the one seen on this page. Going to start taking orders for sprays but would like to have a logo first. Free lamp or LAMPS to get it done. :)
Wow, looks really nice Astro! Really nice.

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