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So I'm feeling tortured and teased...

Yesterday, a confidential informant gave me a tip that 8-10 lava lamps were for sale at a local yard sale. Within an hour, I was at there. By the time I got there, all that was left was 3 32oz LL's, all in need of TLC, parts, or re-gooing and 1 non-LL brand lamp. I bought them all for $10. One looks like clear/gold and another is black/orange but both looks like various stages of diarrhea and urine. The other 32oz is a purple/clear that can be filtered. The seller told me he'd sold a bunch within the hour, and had I come by the day before I could have bought dozens more. He had literally dozens of 1980's-early 2000's lamps he was selling for his brother and I missed all but 4 clunkers. The most torturous part is, after I left I discovered he had increased the prices to $4 per lamp from $1.50!!!! (The price stickers had been covered up with new stickers.) he must have had no idea what his brother's collection was worth.

Grrrrr, I could have bought gazillions of nicer lamps at a stupid-low price!

Ughhhhhh... I have that pain in the pit of my stomach... I feel ill.

But my wife is no doubt glad I didn't get them. But man, opportunities like that just don't happen very often. I gotta let it go. Gotta let it go.

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Faith? Faith is for believers! LOL

Modulo '70 said:

Your time will come again. Keep the faith!

I have no idea wish the git would hurry but now people have to pay us back

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