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New BIG lava lamp from Mathmos. Yep even bigger than the IO. 

Go tl their website and look at their youtube channel for 3 videos. 

Looks a lot like the Crestworth princess. But not as classy. Looks like only 1 colour too. Yellow with Red wax. Movement looks sluggish, nothing like the princess. 

Too big for me and probably expensive too. 

What are your thoughts? 

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I just really like this because it has an edgy, weird vibe…like something out if a SciFi movie.  

One of the pictures i saw did indeed have four legs, but autumn's picture shows theee. The videos did disappear quickly so i guess i could've mistaken the flex for a leg maybe? I only had literally a 3 minute glance. 

I think it's a bit of an ultra collectors item or for a focal point in a business. Im quite happy with my io but would definitely prefer a lunar. So won't be touching this. But as always it's really good to see new products even if they're out of most people's league. I'm hoping for something new and affordable and more aesthetically pleasing. Lunar or fluidium style. 

These Saturn lamps are going to be very expensive because the bottles are custom made. One of the videos shows a spinning glass bottle being fired from multiple directions and is very impressive. The chrome work also looks very well made and super shiny. Want one, yes, but sadly just nowhere for it to live. 

Thanks Jezza

I like it too - lots of glass and goo showing

You'd certainly need to screw the feet to the floor/surface - it looks quite top-heavy, inevitably...

But it needn't be too expensive - the cylinders would be metric and so could be bought "off the shelf" I'd've thought...

I'd purely love to see a fast glitter Living Jewel version - in the dark!

Would be a hard pass for me. Ugly lamp.

Not ‘feeling’ it either, more makeshift sci-fi prop than elegantly resolved design piece, will probably be ruinously expensive anyway.

Was there not talk of there possibly being more than one new lamp release, so hopefully we might still get something better…

the lunar wont be back due to copyright issues with the tintin rights owners. they were allowed to make 2000 full lamps and after the 2000 they sold quite some more but disguised as "spares" and sent the bits to the shop owner who had so essemble them. I think this pissed of the tintin rig ht s owners enough not to make a second deal.

A big lamp is a plus for me. But I'm not feeling it for this design, the legs also dominate the design in my opinion and I don't like the design of them. I feel the Princess was much nicer, the leg design was less in your face. Just my opinion though, I'm not knocking it, I just personally don't like it. With a lamp that size I'd be happier to see four legs for more stability. 

Does anybody know when this lamp is launching? I've shown it to Hubby (who's currently not biting) but I'm guessing it's going to be out of our price range. Anyone have any ideas (or guesses) on the price? 

Rumoured for end of October, early November.  I am guessing at between 700 and 1000 pounds. Can't afford anyway and don't particularly like. Very steam punk looking. Not for me. 

Lets hope the other lamp they are releasing is more customer friendly. 

I like the fact it has a large lava bottle, that's its winning feature for me. I'm having a hard time liking the legs through. Hubby still isn't biting, so I'm guessing we won't be buying one (especially if it's powered by a high wattage bulb and expensive) Different legs and I'd have been very excited about it, but without Hubby backing I'm going to struggle to get past go. I'm guessing this will be a limited edition piece perhaps, not a regular addition to the Mathmos range. 

I remember when the Luna launched, I tried everything to get my Hubby to buy one, even though I hated the actual metal part of the lamp, I loved the large lava bottle. He wouldn't entertain it, I remember him seeing the price and really grumbling. When I see them sell for high prices now, I always make a point of reminding him, he still doesn't like them lol. 

I wonder what the other lamp will be. 

That's one of the reasons i love the Neo lamp. At only 20 watts, there's not much to worry about. The io uses 80 watts so I'm a little more apprehensive about using it a lot. But yeah the large bottles are very interesting. Ive got 7 bottles and love swapping them around for something different. 

Lamps are going to shoot up in price soon because of the gas problem in the uk. Bottles are very gas intensive, so expect their price to at least double. So I'm gonna get a small selection to tide me over. 

Maybe some kind of wire guide to hide the cable, run it down a leg discreetly?

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