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I was really excited to find a Giant purple/ yellow that was barely used, however, it just won't flow like it's brothers and sisters.

I know that this color was offered in the 2nd batch and also noted that it has less wax in it than the others which can be seen when it is "cold" and on it's base..

When I find NIB smaller lamps it seems like I always have to add some glycerin or PG to increase fluid density or they behave just like this giant. I think that I would need to do the same with this one.

This situation has been discussed here in the past:


I thought that maybe the problem was that it is cold here in Michigan so I made reflectors for my giants out of aluminum foil. While this has helped a lot with the other Giant lamps, still not so much with this lamp.... it will look like the lamp in the previous mentioned post but "flow" once every 10 minutes or so.

Should I crack it open or wait until summer to see?

If some of you scientists or engineers could look at the picture in the previous post and make recommendations on a fix it would be sincerely appreciated... more fluid density of more surf?

Thanks much to my brothers and sisters here :-)

The lamp is gorgeous otherwise...

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Hey Claude - sadly I paid over $6.50 per bulb for the long life 10,000  hour variety. I will sell them on ebay even if its at a loss. Ordered 10 bulbs from LL last night and will give them a whirl next week.

Critter - you just gave me one of those "DOH" moments. Based on P=I^2*R if the resistance is designed for 230V would be 169 ohms then the the current would be limited to producing only 92.3W when calculated an applied to P=IV with V = 120V. Curious, when do you see the 130V bulb as beneficial?

OK, I got my math and physics lesson in for the day...ouch, my brain hurts!


On my Imperial lamp is an example.  That lamp was recommended to use a 150w 120v bulb. These are no longer available anywhere now days.  I have only one left that works and someday it will be gone.   I did discover a bunch of 200w 130v projector type bulbs for sale about four years ago for $2 each.  These too are out of production for USA usage.  I bought one to try on my Imperial the 200w 130v bulbs running on 120v made the perfect amount of heat and substituted well for the 150w 120v I needed.   I went back and bought up every singe one that seller had.  

Also so sometimes you find a globe that needs a bit less heat and these 130v can help.  


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