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Can anyone tell how many oz this globe is? It is 9.5 inches tall if that helps, please & thank you!

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Okay, it has been a long week of classes even though I decided to take Thursday off. On Wednesday night I fell asleep staring at my lamp before I plugged my phone to charge for the night. I slept right through my first class. :)

I am definitely in the tweaking and testing phase. My lamp is almost ready for Cast Member Previews. :)

Since I have redone the coil most of the wax likes to hang out at the top in bubbles. I think I need to remove a bit more liquid.

I do not like the yellow-ish soft white light coming out of the base. I was wondering if there are COOL WHITE 40-watt incandescent bulbs out there?

I googled and only found these:

GE Reveal 40 Watt Bulbs - Two Pack Target.com

What do you guys think of these?

Although the light bulb will give you a different color, it will not solve all the goo hanging at the top

Your overheating

Put it on a dimmer

I have tried the Reveal bulbs before and noticed a slight difference, but they have never lasted long.  Not much more than a few weeks.  You might have better results though.

I do not have access to a dimmer, yet. Is there something I can do goo wise? A 35-watt bulb perhaps? Do those reveal bulbs noticeably turn down the yellow hues coming out of the base? Maybe I open up the bottom and use an ice blue plastic filter?

try a lower wattage

How about this one?
Westinghouse 30 watt Frosted Incandescent

Claude J said:

try a lower wattage

I think I fixed it and all I did was remove the silver cap. So there is only one cap on the top again.

I took a trip to Spener’s Gifts and I think I found out the reason why I have such an unusual color wax. 

The blue liquid in my globe is a lot darker than the blue used in larger globes. Remember I combined the liquid and wax from three smaller 20oz globes. I think it is about two or three times darker. However, I am really starting to love the white-ish, cyan, teal, aqua, peacock (Yes, these are all different shades and they are NOT the same), spring green, neon green and neon yellow colors the wax produces. These photos do not capture the wide range of color. Maybe my DSLR can do the job or I might have to borrow my friend’s iPhone X.

I think I am almost done with testing a few more days and I think I can seal it.

I do not think any photograph I can take can capture the full-color range of the lava properly. So I made some rendering in Photoshop that give the general idea.

This one is the full-color range usually during the melting process.

The colors I get most of the time when the lava is flowing normally in the middle and not touching the glass.

When it reaches the top the top of the lava turns white and it returns to the bottom it turns spring green. If enough lava reaches the bottom and touches the glass the bottom turns neon yellow. It is absolutely amazing to see it in action.

The color the light it appears to project in the room.

I think I am out of testing and have started Cast Member previews. A few of my friends that have seen the lamp in action were blown away by the colors. "Oh, my gosh, those colors are SO YOU!" I am really lucky to have a Midnight Aristocrat. I glad I did not paint it.

So am I cleared to seal the lamp yet?

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