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Has anyone tried to replicate the Goo Kit?  I think it would be easier than replicating the original goo formula! Using distilled water as your base density and adding just enough perc to the wax to make it more dense than the di-water. Using less perc would lessen the wax/perc separation. I do know that Mr. Finkle uses polyboost to help negate separation. The Goo Kit goo has a very low melting point so the paraffin must be a motling wax with low oil content. I wish we could buy chlorinated paraffin in the US!

Just curious if anyone has tried...…………...  

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Thanks Claude J...………. Good read!

I like the part about how the formula had to be revealed to medical staff

Thanks Claude

I wanted to buy Goo Kit but with shipping cost and taxes to France, it will cost me 150$ + Custums Taxes in France for 1 kit !!!

So if i can do it myself i will can play with my bootle  ;-)


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