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Over the holidays I made 3 Goo Kit Grandes. Two Fluorescent Blue (1 for me & 1 for Mindy Sweet my girlfriend who is a member) and One Fluorescent Green. After running on a time for a week I noticed that they are starting to get some brown spots on the top of the lave when cooled. The flow is great, used between 55-60 mL of surf and the colors are brilliant, used 2/3rds of the dye from the containers.


So has anyone seen this before?


Could it be my Spring rusting?


Here are some more details about my creations

1) Bought Grande Glitter from http://www.directglow.com/ 39.95 each.

2) Bought Goo, Surf & Dye from MagmaTower

3) Bought spring from Lowes (Zinc coated not Stainless Steel). I also put 2 springs in the bottom. One large on the outside which is the same size as the original Grande springs just the wire is larger in diameter. The inside spring is the same size as a 32 oz bottle but again it is a little bigger wire diameter then an original 32 oz spring.


I will try to add some pics tonight but will have to take them with my phone cause I left my good camera at Mindys house.

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$57.09 for a Glitter Grande, shipped. Tempting...

How does the coil look? Can you see anything coming off of it? 

I haven't got a good look at the coils yet cause I just got back from vacation and have not looked real close at them. I will tonight when cold then try to get a look when hot.


Buy 6 and the shipping is free, LOL!

Six glitter grandes... LOL 

it would rust if it isn't stainless steel so that's probably the issue.

Well found my problem, the zinc coated springs rust in about a week. I have emptied all three and will start over. The Green Flo I can save the Lava but the two Blue Flo's I cant save the flo lava, they both have rust particals in them. I think I am going to try to make them a dark purple  so the rust particals are not visible. I would rather waste $5 of dye to try out one then throw away $25 of goo time 2.


Does anyone know where to buy Stainless Steel springs? ( today I start my search for them).

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