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After thinking and looking at my grande flow it must have a different formula than the rest of the Chinese lamps. It came from a good batch because it came crystal clear, but almost all grande videos i see have at least a descent flow. Did Lava Lite keep the formula from the giants or something?

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I noticed this too, and honestly I think the it comes down to the large bottle size. There are some grandes that don't flow (some v2 neons included), but aside from those, the flow is interesting.

Lava lite DID NOT keep the Giant formula for the grandes. If you come across a flowing USA Giant in person you'll see that the flow in a Giant is amazing and insane, nothing like the China grande, the only lamps that come close in flow to my Blue/white giant are the Heritage grande lamps. Those lamps are close to the Giant in flow but not identical, still the heritage grande are beautiful lamps and some of my favorite, as long as no flow/coil problems arise with those lol the bottle quality is really good and the formula has been a huge improvement over the regular grandes, which are still good lamps

they may not have kept the formula, but i think it is different than the rest of the lamps. My grande flows amazing once it gets going (it takes up to a day because of the cold), but i would love to see some of the Grande formula in a 52 oz bottle eventually.

I think it's the exact same formula in the 52oz, it's just that the grade is huge. It's hard to explain, but the 5oz have the same sized blobs as the grande, but it just flows differently. I think it's also cause the grande has very different temps between the top and the bottom, since it has the burning hot light bulb and then a ton of surface area to cool off and such, where as the 52oz stays hotter overall and has less surface area to cool off and such. Idk, doesn't explain the us made ones, but just some thoughts.

I would like to take back some of what I said, as I just got a 2005 blue/yellow grande from Goodwill and it flows like nothing I have ever seen in the china 52oz. The flow is so different, and to be honest, it seems to be more similar to a Giant than to a huge china 52oz. Haha now I agree and think the Grande formula is different.

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