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I been reading on the site and from what I can tell it preety hope less to get this off . I can just return it , I order a few of these and they all come shaken or like this , thanks for any input 

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I just ordered this exact one from Amazon.  We will see how it goes.

This is a LOT stuck to the side and I would not hope to repair it.  Amazon is really good about returns so I would just keep returning til you get a good one.

Thanks , I have 2 more coming today and tomorrow, I did get most the wax off with a heat gun , I just want not Shaken or wax on glass lamp . Good luck on your lamp also 

"Most" isn't gonna cut it in my experience.

What is going to happen is this- on the warmup cycle, the half-soft wax is gonna touch one of those stuck beads and expand the stuckness.

I'm like 10% successful at permanently fixing these with heat.

That’s what I been reading , I did some research b4 I joined , research being youtube n Reddit and here but ya like you said if even one peice of wax is stuck sooner or later it’s goona get worse .  I love how the big lava flows hope I get one good one lol 

Another one came bad , ordered more , will report back , if anyone interested,  any bee Maybe u got lucky 

Yeah, I did NOT in fact get lucky... lol

This is the worst condition (other than just outright broke) that I have ever seen a new lamp, hands down.  I'll be playing the Return Game with you.

Man tat stinks , did U order more? , I got 2 more coming in April. . Maybe they just keep selling the bad ones over n over lol , I got one with the cap half off !

Not from Amazon, no.  I just placed an exchange with them.

I DO have a red wax/yellow liquid one on order from Lavalamps.com directly.  Since they just listed it as in stock I am hoping its a brand new globe that hasn't been exposed to cold etc.  We'll see how it goes.

O nice , maybe they will take more care , 2 bad it’s more money and shipping though , and then what about their return policy,

I hope you get a good one ! Nothing like BIG lava ! , I wish Amazon would say , sir we sent u  10 of these and we can’t get it right just keep it . 
the lava u order red wax yellow looks nice I seen on lava site  , what base you go with ?

Black, naturally.

I am sure the return/exchange policy is fine.  They can't just sell blatantly defective products and not take returns.

Nice choice , I love that choice , if Amazon had that I’d pick that , it’s better then the rest Amazon offers . 

am sure your right about easy return, Amazon was so smooth though it’s like they don’t care about it .  I’ll keep u posted if I get one good or bad lol , ! Hope u get a good one from the lava lite company .

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