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Hi Folks, they arrived!  I was able to snag the Grim Reaper resin and pumpkin lava lamps new this year from Amazon.  Unfortunately, they are both cloudy and the scythe of the reaper is broken.  I did email Lava Lite and asked what they can do.  They have been good to me in the past so we'll see.  Anyway the lamps a freakin cool looking.  I swapped out the cloudy with another black/clear and the orage with a #5 US globe whcih is orange and white.  i'll post pics when the lava starts a flowin'  Scott

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The way the scythe juts out is a bad design in my opinion, the shape could of been molded onto the base in a dif way.

The jack o lanterns pumpkin one I really don't like after seeing it cuz i dont like the black lines in the pumpkins im damn picky

Um I'll stick to Bones and the other scary ICONS like chester, cranky, and diablo! not to mention the spooktacular and the original jack o lantern hehe

I do like the grim reaper just no way ini hell i'lll pay like 30 bucks for that
My Pumpkin lamp arrived just in time for Halloween. The resin base and top were first rate designs and look great. As usual the glass globe part of the lamp was a disaster. The orange liquid was so opaque that you couldn't see a thing. The lava, which is supposed to be white, was translucent/clearish and between the hazy liquid and the clearness of the lava you can't see it. The flow was horrible, all top. This lamp heats up too fast and much with a 40 watt bulb. It clearly needs a rheostat like the ceramic lamps of old. Luckily I had a #5 orange/white that I substituted and it looked great. Got lots of complements from the trick or treater's. Lava Lite needs to fire their chinese chemist. I've received some chinese lamps that are as clear and good as the old lamps of the 90's. It's rare but obviously they can do it. I just got a little 13" rocketship and was appalled at the cheap plastic parts ie the legs and the horribly cloudy liquid. Cear/black my ass! I've seen clearer milk!!

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