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I am having the worst run of luck.  Earlier this year ordered four neon 52s from Spencers, 3 of the 4 cloudy, store took them back and exchanged for clear ones.  A for recovery to Spencers.

Ordered five 20 oz neon from planetlava.   All five cloudy varying from bad to just enough to be annoying.  They acknowledged the need to replace but are waiting on lava lite to check off on that.  odd but ok.   

So far 8 of 9 cloudy via online.

Today got two clear view 32oz i ordered from lavalamp.com and they are both unaccepatably cloudy right out of the box.  didnt even bother to unwrap em.

10 of 11 cloudy.  

What the hell? so discouraging, especially when i am so interested in whats coming up with the heritage line... yikes.

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Don't order a century, they're terrible. The grandes are really really nice though.

Very poor quality control from the sound of it. They need to do a lot better than this:(

Poor indeed. My century base came really bent and out of round. Some other members also received very bent bulbs and one received a non working base, bulb worked but base didn't. They need to step up their QC for all their items not just some. I don't understand how the grandes can be near flawless but the centuries a complete fail..

Modulo '70 said:

Very poor quality control from the sound of it. They need to do a lot better than this:(

...still unresolved 

after this lull, i ordered a grande blue w/yellow wax (i know its blue but i always refer to it as green/yellow)

it came in today.

cloudy with a weird line inside the globe.

cap with code.  looks like something was stacked on it.  btw the globe was very dusty i had to wipe it clean before turning on.

side by side with another blue yellow i had bought previously to compare cloudy vs clear

close up of mysterious line

after a couple hours warm up running now...


and to add insult, i see now lava lite is running a 20% off on grandes

ey yi yi, i ordered this on the 29th  :/

I was really on the fence about ordering a grande.  Then LL sent me a purple/yellow 52 oz premier to replace a 52 oz neon green globe with gunk in the coil after only owning a few months.  I wanted the same globe replaced and fedex shows up with a complete lamp purple/yellow.  Ooookayyy....anyway, the globe is crap.  looks like someone spray painted it and scraped off the paint in 2 spots.  Also has like a weird scratch type look in one spot.  The flow is ok for the first few hours, but it flips coil and takes awhile to heat up and flow.  After a few hours it does the china flow pretty much, but I do get some columning also.  All in all, the flow isn't all that bad, but the globe is awful.  This one came right from LL direct. 


So after receiving this lamp, i decided i did not want to shell out almost 100 bucks to be disappointed.  Some members have gotten grandes from target and are very happy with them.  They came clear and run fine.  Maybe you should get your money back and try to order one from target.  You can also get their 2 year warranty on it. 

2 year warranty?  wow.  well lets see what they do, i emailed last night.

It's either 1 or 2 years on the warranty Phil.  If you click on the thread entitled reliable places to purchase Grande lamps it gives you the info on there and the links.  There is also some money saving codes, but I'm not sure that they are still offering those code offers anymore.  From what other members say though, LL does make good for their bad lamps.  I had my 52 oz neon green for quite awhile and they replaced it!!  Although not with another neon green.  Don't ask, lol, I don't know why they did that, lol!!



I did speak to Susan over the phone today. She said they would send me a replacement globe and give me the 20% as well so kudos for good customer service in this instance

Yep, they're good at replacing their globes!!!

i looked at the target site.  the blue yellows are cheaper than the lava lite site price and the two yr warranty is another 7 bucks.  the purple yellow are 20 bucks more go figure. free shipping on orders over 50 so you can't beat that 

Yep Phil!!!  That is a pretty sweet deal considering you can claim any problems through the insurance for 2 years!!!  Take the replacement from LL even so.  They owe you another lamp if yours crapped out already, or even if your replacement needs a replacement!!!

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