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i just found >> THESE no name metallic lamps. you can choose 3 different colors (red, blue, green). on the second product image you can see a 52 (?) oz globe filled with blue metallic goo. its definitely not the offered lamp. i´m wondering if the seller accidentally put this image up (by taking a random metallic goo image from google...) or he is a lava lover :) as well and has filled a 52 globe with this goo... and this is what i´d like to do as well. for me the price is worth it to order 3-4 pieces to give it a try.

has anyone tested them yet?? i´m very curious about the flow and clouding issues of these lamps. please let me know :)

maybe the question already came up. i remember reading about "china metallic" etc. somewhere on OG, but i didn´t find a concrete thread about it.

sorry for my bad english ^^ ...and hopefully i am in the right forum

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I have one. A blue metallic I bought for around 12 bucks at a local Hastings store about a month back.. No cloudiness and it flows well. I plan to buy one or 2 more and transplant into a 32 or 52 oz. Lava globe.  I like the blue cause it looks more silver than blue. Need to revisit the store to see if they got more in.

No wait.... just looked at your pic. Mine is a Creative Motion Brand.


Dr. has a few he's messing with. Not sure what brand he bought though.

Ok, I looked up the lamp in your pic and it is made by the same company. I'm assuming same goo, just different base. :)

hey deb.
thanx for your search. sounds good for now :) will check your info tomorrow. i m only online via mobile phone right now... do you have any pics of the goo running?^^

Take a look at the pictures I posted on The Metallic Wax Technique thread. The flow is good now, but it took a lot of adjusting and even more patience. The two lamps I used were actually two different shades of blue/gray, but they mixed really well. The combined wax came out to just slightly more than a standard 32 oz., so that could be why I had some initial flow issues. It still takes a good 2-3 hours to get the flow you see.

No I never took a photo of mine since I was planning to empty it into a bigger globe. Rob's photo that he posted on the Metallic Wax thread looks great!

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