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hi guys


i have noticed that recently on ebay lamps are not going for such high prices as they was 6 months ago, i suppose its like the stock market, it goes up and down in trends,


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I know what you mean, I've noticed the prices falling. I purchased a Astro Lantern (my avatar pic) It cost me £80 last year. I was watching one on ebay and it looked in better condition than ours, I forgot to bid on it and it only made £38 ish, gutted.
yup, seems like it over in the u.s. too!
i can't sell my flocks ; (

Crestworth Limited said:

Quality and rarity will always sell for good money, ie:- Lunars, Opal Flu's Flocks etc, but things like AstroBaby Green Blue not worth a fiver to me...

my sales are picking up on ebay, granted i did lower prices a little

Crestworth Limited said:
Its always bad for sellers and good for buyers in most things after Christmas, I dont know about you but I shot my load and more over the festive period and the Bank of How Much is empty and needs a blood transfussion,,,lol
This was something I was wondering when I decided to get into collecting these. Figured I could buy and sell some to collect the ones I really want.

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