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Heat Tapes Stardust Green Glitter Lamp Restored

I traded Brad some liquid and glitter to fill his Grande for a green Heat Tapes Stardust lamp that needed work.  It was one of two that he got from his grandmother.  He trusted me to give it a good home and bring it back to life.  I think your Grandma will be pleased, Brad.
I replaced the socket and kept all the original wiring and the original cord and plug.  The liquid and glitter were not original — they were more modern.   I also discovered glass shards on the bottom of the bottle, probably to raise the level of the liquid.  I cleaned the globe all out.
For the past month I’ve been experimenting with liquids and glitter trying to figure out what was in the Stardust, Florence Art, and Mastercrafter’s clock glitter bottles.  And I’ll be damned  -- I think I've solved it!
I have original red and yellow(gold) Stardust lamps that helped a lot in reverse engineering the liquid and glitter.  At this point, I'll just say that the liquid is safe, non-hazardous and non-toxic.  The glitter - well, that's the real trick.  Here are the pictures...

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Here is a video of this glitter on a heritage wizard base. I have been messing with the dimmer to get the temp right since I only have a 40W bulb for this (it is a weird bulb…not that easy to find a different wattage). I am wondering if the flow would be different on a regular 32oz base from Spencers.

Chuck - it will flow just fine on the 40w bulb.  Feel free  to let it rip.  I've been experimenting with colors and 40w bulbs, and it works just fine on 40w bulbs.  I like the extra light...  Nice video.

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