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So, the lava was fried in mine when I got it.  No matter how much I shook the bastard up, I couldn't fix it.  I refilled it with glitter from a Link'd globe.  Time to try lava again with material from the Five Below lamps.  Can someone possible let me know how tall the wax column is in their Mediterranean at rest?  Inches or centimeters are fine; my ruler has both on it (special ruler).

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Hey Jim


I took my 5 globes that will fit a Mediterranean base off their bases and measured the lava. Below is a picture of the five globes. so from left to right I measured the lava and here are the numbers;

Globe 1 (Red/Clear) 1-1/4"

Globe 2 (Green/Blue) 1-1/4"

Globe 3 (Yellow/Clear) 1-1/4"

Globe 4 (Green/Blue) 1"

Globe 5 (Red/Clear) 1-1/2"


All measurements are from the table top to the top of the lava. All globes have their original lava and liquid as far as I know except globe 4. It has original lava from another 60's lamp but I used DI Water and other chems to get it to flow which you can see in my Old School Album.


Hope this helps.


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