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Help Revising Black/Clear Grande With New Liquid Recipe! (Cloudy)

So, My birthday was 2/9 and I turned 21. I decided to spend some money on a Grande!

Well, no wonder they are not as hyped up as they should be... They all ship insanely cloudy!... I did some research, and realized that my black/clear combo is quite the bad batch of choices.

Do not Fear! I am a Mister Fix It! My goal is to get this puppy looking so sick that when my friends come over they become lava heads too.

I did research on certain tutorials of what there is to do to "clear" this problem up. I am stoked. I love making things and I'd be very proud of myself if this gigantic lava lamp became what it deserves.

So, I will list some specific tutorials on how to clear up this problem. If you actually would like to give feedback on what you think I should do, then it would be greatly appreciated.

So my friends, here we go:

Epsom Salt/Soap Solution - http://www.moltenmeditation.com/lava.htm

Poor Grammar Solution- https://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/1566398:Topic:6021?page=1&a...

These are the only ones I found that had a final product that I liked.

Please let me know if you have any other solutions that I may need to look at that I have not found.

If you think I should make different wax please let me know. I am definitely getting rid of the liquid and starting over.

What is the best way to clean the inside of the huge globe? There are boogers stuck to the side. There is also a little bit of white film under the wax near the coil.

So my questions are:
1.Is this completely busted?
2.Should I keep the wax it came with?
3.Which solution combo is the best liquid? (Epsom salt? Surfacant? Brake Oil? Perk?)
4.Which solution of combo is best for wax?
5.What proportion should I use? Grande's are 7.81 times as big as the 32Oz.

Please, anything you have to advise me with would be awesome. Thanks for reading this far.

Now for the pictures and video :)

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Yuck! That is nasty! I just bought some black clear grandes from LW and they were crystal clear. Where did you get yours?
OK, the easiest soulution is to filter it.
These are the filters that I mean. Some goo-members have had good luck pouring the water through a Britta water filter. I have never tried this, but some swear by it. The Britta method is much cheaper, as all you have to buy is the pitcher/filter.
Using these methods you will get to keep the factory water--and that is best.
Hope this helps.

Yup, they look really good. Ya want one? I was gonna keep one and sell the other on e-bay.
That looks really good! You should swap out the bulb for a GE Reveal bulb. Will make it less yellow and better looking. Not that it doesn't look good now :)
Makes me want one in black now. Did they ever do a clear/red version?
Wow yours looks awesome... I know Lava World won't refund this..will they?

I got mine from Amazon.com... from the Amazon store itself.. not another seller!!.... Cool thanks for the advice - but I mean really - pouring it through a Brita filter? Doesn't that take like 8 times... and you do Only Pour The Liquid (not the melted wax) through the filter correct?
Hey bohdan, do you think I should start over? What is the best way man. You're a connesuier!
I have just called their 1-630-315-3341 # and The lady Jamie said that I should send her a picture of it. Well, I sent her a video and 3 pictures. I'm sure that if they do not refund this then it is because they check this site. However, if I get a refund... it will most likely be cloudy still.

Should I just say F*ck it and start my own recipe? I am not spending money on a 75$ pump which costs more than the Lava Lite itself.... Hahaha - How does this company survive? This is false advertisement!

Let's all go into business together... And SELL OUR OWN BRAND! :P
I just found the # in one of your earlier postings on this site. They 'may' be the same company... Anyways her email was @lavalite.com soo...

I will keep you updated on the status... Yeah-Hopefully the coldness of February will lend me some luck. Tak to you soon BoDawg :P

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