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Hey all!. I think i've worn out google over the past couple days... Unfortunately I don't have pics yet or any documentation/boxes anymore. I'll get some pics as soon as I get a chance.. Here's the deal..
I have 2 lamps, to the besty of my ability I've determined them to be Midnight Aristocrats from around early 90's, both black bases/caps with the starry base. a Yellow Lava/Blue Liquid #1424 and Yellow Lava/purple Liquid.1425. I bought these new back then(Lava Lite) and used quite well taken very good care of. They still work great, however I recently set them back up again and still work great.. Here's the catch.. I love this style and size(52ozers i think), and I want to add a few more.. BUT I CAN"T FIND THEM ANYWHERE.. I know they stopped making them in 2003, Do i have to get lucky on ebay or craigs or a garage sale to find them??

Thanks for the imput.. this looks to be a great site!!!

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If yours have bottlecaps, they are NOT the Target ones. Screw-on caps, the black (or whatever color) top does not sit over a bottlecap - rather, it in its entirety screws in place.

Your local Craigslist is, yes, another great source.
Jonas - Thanks for the reply, Mine do have the bottle cap crimped on with the top that just merely sits on top.
On a side note here.. Being new the "collecting" side of goo, What would be the going price for say a "late 70's" Gold colored Aristocrat with the starlight base? Clear/Red.

Thanks gang!

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