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I over did it on the food coloring when I finished experimenting with my wizard lamp the first time, so I need to fix that. I was trying to decide what color combo I should do, stick with the one it has always been blue water/yellow wax. or try something else. The thing is I don't really like the yellow. So I was wondering if it is possible to change the wax using food coloring, like I do on the water.you know dump the water and melt the wax down on the stove (cap off of course) and add the food coloring. It sounds reasonable to me but I don't want to risk screwing up the lava and I don't have money for a goo kit.

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Food coloring will not mix with the wax. The wax is an oil and food coloring isnt. You have to buy goo kit dye from magma tower on ebay.

Okay thanks. Do I have to base my choice of color on the the color wheel or does it matter

Starting from yellow, be carefull to not adding too much dye.

The more you add, the darker it is (whatever color you chose).

Gookit dye is very very potent, regarding the size of your lamp, the size of the head of a match of dye could be too much!

Wow. maybe I should just stick with the yellow, besides its a happy color. Thank you for your help.

Don't be affraid :-)

If you don't like yellow, change it!

Just be very cautious, and add the smallest possible part of dye at a time and wait long enough before adding more.

okay thank you for the advice

Okay I opted to just go with tinting the water and for three days it worked beautifully. Then one night I shut it off and when I woke up if was really cloudy, like I can barely see my hand on the other side of the globe, Could the food coloring have done this? I'm positive it wasn't shaken up or knocked over.

I was planning on brightening  up a few of my lamps with neon food coloring but after reading up on it  I decided against It. The posts I read (from 2008) said it can degrade the wax and cloud the lamps.  :(

I can't speak for factory made lamps, cause I've never opened any of my proper flowing lamps, but I've used the food coloring in several of my goo kit lamps, and no problems what so ever. My purple / white and pink / white grandes, have been flowing beautifully even since I made them over a year ago.

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