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I may have find a Colossus :-)

I'll need to pick it up by car.

How would you pack it to arrive safely at home?


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Stupid people like that drive me nuts. I had someone tell me they had giants when all they really had were centuries.

Astralav said:

Well, I finally got the seller on the phone, and she measured it: 27" :-(

Why not doing this before listing it as a 50" tall lamp on ebay???

Another "If it's too good to be true..."

The good side of this is I don't have to travel to UK by car, and anyway, I don't really have a room for a Colossus right now :-)

Haha lol

I reckon the seller didn't measure it and just gused, from the start it was quite ovivious that it wasn't a collousses - it was too good to be true and also the picture says everything.

Its good you found out now without having to come over hear just for a grande - to say that sucks would be very much a understatement.

Mattmos said:

How could someone think that 27 inches is 50 inches? I bet her husband doesn't mind that she thinks things are larger than they really are. ;>) WINK ;>) WINK

I knew something was wrong, but I was hoping the measure was good and the picture wasn't.

We're not talking about 1 inch error here, how could someone could advert 50" when it's 27"?

Here is the original add:

Here im am selling a VERY MASSIVE!!! lava lamp
Used but in great condition!
Its about 50"inchs high! and very very HEAVY!!!
You could agree you can think it's a Colossus.
Funny thing:
the seller send me an e-mail later:
So your not buying this!?


From the description i can see how someone who doesn't know lamps can think its 50" if not measured and to some a grande is a 'massive lamp' and can be heavy.

The people who have a colossus should have more knodladge of lava and would probably say that its a colossus.

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