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How to tell a Wizard from a Carlisle ?

Were all Wizards glitter lamps or did they make Lava as well ?

How tall is the 70's Carlisle ?  and how long were they made ?

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Wizards have moons and stars on the base - Carlisles have round pin holes

Wizards have a just sort of pointed decorative cap - Carlisles have a squared off screw on cap

Wizards came in both glitter and lava - Carlisles only came in 3 colors of lava

Wizards came in silver, black, red and two variations of blue bases - Carlisles only came in satin gold tone

In conclusion, these lamp look nothing alike other than the vague cone shape 

Also, for years of production, please refer to the Lava Library, it's all in there

In the past I have seen a pin hole satin base with a clear/red globe, but it had a bottle cap.

It still had the gold cap shaped like the enchantress.  I suppose the globe could have been


So the screw on cap is shaped more like the enchantress as opposed to the screw

on cap of the 52oz lamps ?

One on the left 75 Carlisle, 99 silver wizard one the right. Sorry its not a flow picture I just turned them on an hour ago.

Being that Carlisle lamps were only made till the mid 80's they would have been screw on caps, however the threaded part of the screw on cap does fit over the pop cap on that type of globe.

The globe for the enchantress and the carlisle are interchangeable.

Todd Miller said:

So the screw on cap is shaped more like the enchantress as opposed to the screw

on cap of the 52oz lamps ?

Sounds good, just trying to get some good info.

I would like to buy a Carlisle for my collection so

I want to be prepared as well as I can.

Yep. They're easy-to-spot: always brass, pinholes not stars/moons, no black plastic tray around the bottom. The Carslisle is common in all three 70s colors: red/clear, red/yellow, cream/turquoise. (the latter two of course called orange/yellow and green/blue.) I think its catalog description is especially perfect: "Stylishness with simplicity; beauty without blandness."

Looks like you've gotten lots of good advice.  I definitely spent lots of time in the Lava Library learning these lamps.  The Lava Library is a fantastic resource!

The Carlisle is a classic and beautiful lamp, easily one of my favorites.  I have six of them now, and if I find one on Ebay for a good BIN price ($70-$80), I can't resist.

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