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I spend a lot of time watching places on the web where I can find some old Crestworth at good price.

The other day I saw a Cosmos (orange Glitterlite) in very good condition at 10eur!

(this is very rare to find this prices in France) so I grabbed my phone and...

... I was the second one.

another person already bought it :-(

This is the second time I see a Cosmos at 10eur, and the second time I miss it (first was few days after the add, this one is less than a couple of hours).

Just wanted to share my frustration ;-)

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Well, I guess the french saying quoted below is right, as today I missed again a Cosmos for 10eur :-(

I had the old lady on the phone, the lamp was still available, but she couldn't move to the post office so the lamp had to be collected (at the far south of France and I'm near Paris).

The time I arranged a courier to pick it up there, the lamp was sold to someone else (lucky one!)...

Astralav said:

Here in France we say: "never 2 without 3" which mean: "If it happens to you twice, it will happen a third time"

I prefer your saying, but we'll see :-)

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