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Lava-related garage sale! Edit: I need shipping addresses, please contact me if you're on the other thread as 1st in line!

I haven't been active here for a while, but I hope to change that! I'm selling off a bunch of lava-related stuff I've accumulated. Please make offers! I'm not looking to get rich off these items. I want them gone and I'd like a teeny bit of extra cash.

Trade offers are also welcome. I'd really love to find an empty Consort globe with intact gold cap, if anyone wants some of my items and has a spare. I'd also love to locate one of the iron-stand Auras Glow, or one of the little Mathmos rocketship candle-fired lavas (I don't really know how rare or valuable either of these are).

Complete lamps

-- Green Fluidium, no box

-- Hunter copper Sata-Glitterlite, "eyelash" glitters are no longer silver, no bulb or plug

-- Glitter table lamp, separate switches for glitter & top light, shade support broken off

-- Screw-cap Midnight, currently full of not-at-all-good glitter fill, will empty before shipping

-- Empty Century, one-piece base, heat coil inside

-- Same with 1960s greenish wax, no liquid (not shown)


-- Screw-cap Century, empty, no coil

-- Screw-cap Midnight, empty, no coil

-- Continental (oval), red/clear


-- Consort, plastic base, no felt, has heat bowl inside

-- Mystique (square), some tape residue on sides

-- Midnight Aristocrat

-- Silver Aristocrat, minor dents

-- That poor, poor squiggle Aristocrat with I'm not sure what, rust(?) on it

-- China-made Midnight

-- Blue Swirl

-- Red Splotch Icon II (has a hairline crack, I'll glue that)

-- Silver Wizard


-- Red Wizard cap

-- Tortoiseshell cap

-- Red (plastic) 32oz., not blacklight-responsive

-- Two Century heat rings

-- Black Starship, one leg missing (just pay shipping)

-- Coach parts, base, cap with one post missing, bail (just pay shipping)


-- Four Fantasia Products fiber optic sprays, small size (1990s). All are used and clumped. Three are in their boxes.




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Hello, Jonas. If the 2nd Century heat ring is still available I am interested. Thank you.

Apologies for shipping delays, I'll be back on this week. 

Sorry all, family in the hospital. Back on this ASAP.

Lava-brand glitter table lamp spoken for!

Hi it Alex i just sent you an email on the address if you need anything else let me know thank you

BIG DELAYS! Family back in hospital, ability to get to my shipper is very limited. Will ship more ASAP, I haven't forgotten!

Shipping will begin again shortly!

Awesome to hear! Thanks!! :)

Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

Shipping will begin again shortly!

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