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As many of you know, I have an extensive collection. I am trying to complete my collection of vintage American lamps (60's/70's) and I'm also interested in getting more French/European lavas and glitters. Also, would like to get any Florence Art Co. lamps that I don't have.

I'm willing to let go of some of my Crestworth and Mathmos rarities in trade.

Anybody up for it?

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I will give you $150 for the White Acrylic Fantasia lamp you have :) Would give you more room for your other rarities. Hehe.
Thank you for your kind offer. I'm not selling any of my Fantasias. I'm actually selling VERY FEW of my lamps. I just want to trade. Now, if you had one of the rare Americans I'm looking for, I'd think it over.
I have to go through them. I have a lot of Crestworths and Mathmos. I definitely don't want to sell them, but I would be willing to trade them.
I sent you a private message about this.
Hi Bryin. I'm always willing to make a trade.

I'm in the market for some American rarities (Child's Nite Lite Consort, Aladdin, Princess wall sconce).

I've pretty much got most of the Crestworth lamps already.

I've got a number of European lava, glitter, and boiler lamps to trade, including that French wood and wrought iron lava lamp (needs a re-fill).

Let me know what you have to trade. Maybe we can make a deal.
Hey man -

I bet you have tons of lamps that I want. Unfortunately, I'm trying to complete my American collection and don't want to trade away any Americans that I only have one of ((Child's Nite Lite Consort, Aladdin, Princess wall sconce).

Bummer that you already have most of the Crestworth lamps. I would be willing to trade any of them (except my wall sconce) to complete my collection. I only need a couple of the Americans (only 60's/70's). I have most of them.

Also, unfortunately, the 2 (out of 3) that I need were sold by Weebotech to another person (the Executive and the Regency metal cap). The only other one that I know of that I don't have is the Astro (silver/gold). After that, (and of course the religious ones which I really don't care that much about but would get if I came across them), I think I have a complete collection of 60's/70's). I would trade BIG TIME for an Executive or Regency with a metal cap). Oh, I also don't have any of the first ones produced.

I also need the metal base for my Continental. I had a complete one that was stolen during my last move.

I would love to get that French wood and wrought iron lamp from you. I have an extra Saturna and, are you sure there are no Crestworth or Mathmos lamps that you're looking for? I would also be willing to trade my Mastercrafters double glitter tube clock.
Oh well. Looks like we're in the same boat.
I also need the metal top Regency and the Executive. I've already got a Saturna, and I'm not really into the mastercraft clock.
Good luck with your hunting.

Well, if you ever want to trade a rare European for that wrought iron wood one, let me know. I have some real nice and rare chrome French lamps.
I would love to see it. I can't send you a PM until you accept my friend request.
Unless I missed it, what vintage american lamps are you after?
Executive, Regency with Metal Cap (or just Cap) and Metal Base for Continental

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