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I want to add more goo and was wondering if all the surf and everything I added previously will work fine. I do not know if adding another kit of goo would change the fundamental make up of the mix and if I should add more surf becouse I cant see just adding more goo from the kit could change it that much I meen I would add th MGs of surf wouldnt that make it too much surf . So its a grande that has been made great from the goo kit and just want to add more goo. OPINIONS ??

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I once added more wax to a lamp that I had made 3 months earlier and it worked just fine. All I did was throw some chunks into the bottle and the next time it was ran it all melted together and flowed fine.
Do you meen wax from the goo kit because thats what I would do but I would use the kit wax and not add anymore surf im thinking ??



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