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So I talked to my buddy Bob last night and he still has a couple of Icons available.  One is reserved for Mr. Art Vandelay, but these other two are available.  I am simply the middle man here.  Shoot me a PM if interested and I will pass you Bob's contact info.  He lives up near me and Doc What and used to be a reseller.  Super nice older man who now sells snacks.  A few happy Oozing Gooers have taken advantage and now is your opportunity.  I personally picked up BNIB Peace, Santa and Galactic Icons from him.


This is the same Bob that set me up with the baker's dozen of screw caps.  Bob kicks major ass (much like myself).

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The Celestial is no longer for sale.  Was gifted to my Mom today and she loves it.

How much for one ?

Sadly, this was my last one that was for sale.  I was asking $75 for my Icons without box.  For Mom it ended up being free.  She went through enough pain expulsing me out into this world - it was the least I could do.

It certianly was; about time you gave your mother a Lava Lamp! I believe she'd like a Rain Lamp as well.

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