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So I talked to my buddy Bob last night and he still has a couple of Icons available.  One is reserved for Mr. Art Vandelay, but these other two are available.  I am simply the middle man here.  Shoot me a PM if interested and I will pass you Bob's contact info.  He lives up near me and Doc What and used to be a reseller.  Super nice older man who now sells snacks.  A few happy Oozing Gooers have taken advantage and now is your opportunity.  I personally picked up BNIB Peace, Santa and Galactic Icons from him.


This is the same Bob that set me up with the baker's dozen of screw caps.  Bob kicks major ass (much like myself).

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Add to the offerings a BNIB Celestial Icon.  Based on past history the boxes are in as mint condition as a box can get (see below for an example).  Might not make a difference one way or another to you, but in case it does.



I am interested in the bnib celestial!

I sent you a PM with Bob's contact info Stephanie!  Wise decision - not many opportunities to find them in this type of shape.  :-)


I decided to purchase Bob's remaining lamps and will be selling them off.  The ones you all would be most interested in...


NIB virgin Peace Icon

NIB virgin Celestial Icon

2 Celestial Icons, no box, mint


Shoot me a PM if interested -  they will eventually hit eBay.  Can do a local pick up in the Northern Chicago burbs or at Union Station in downtown Chicago.

Update:  To the potential buyers of the NIB Icons, I will ship these jewels in authentic Lava Lite Icon shipping boxes.  The boxes are intended to hold 4 Icons (un-cushioned obviously), but will be perfect for holding a superbly cushioned single Icon as well.  Even the shipping boxes are freakin mint.  Can you believe it?


I had three all together, but took a box cutter to one to make a custom box for Autumn's light bulb shipment.  I like Autumn THAT much.

And OMG - one box is for Peace Icons and one is for Celestials, so you will get the lamp specific shipping box.  This way your neighbors see your great taste in fine motion lamps right there on your front step.  Might even improve your standing with the hip neighbors in your neighborhood.


Update that the two new in box Icons are no longer available.  Congratulations to the Goohead will soon be adding these to their collection.  :-)


I still have the mint Celestials without box available.  Please shoot me a PM if interested and I can provide any details, pics, etc. that your heart desires.


I also have some "crap" from my Bob transaction to unload.  Have a VW Bug?  A VW Bus?  You a Deadhead?  I have these hand painted tiffany-style table lamps in both bug and bus varieties (all new in box).  Not sure what sort of artwork is on each but I would be happy to take a look.  I am pretty sure, at a minimum, that each is bedazzled with a steal your face image.

might be interested in a celestial.  no more peace available?  tried to pm you. 

Am considering selling a white/gold Squiggle as well.  Lamp is currently running decently on a 40 watt R14 with a socket extender.  Tan felt on the base.  Lava is almost an electric watermelon color when flowing. 


The socket extender will be included.  Its a plastic one as the porcelain ones don't clear the base opening near the socket.  Can provide pics if interested.  Base and cap are mint.

Shameless bump.  Actually not so shameless.  Wen B - sent you a friend request and I am just a few clicks west of you down Rt 176.  Peace is sold, but I still have two Celestial Icons for sale.  Top notch references available upon request.


Squiggle is pre-sold to Kira dependent upon reaching an agreeable price and approval of pics.

And then there was one...  Thank you to Wen B!  Pleasure to put a face to an Oozing Goo persona and I hope that you enjoy the Celestial.  I have one remaining Celestial for sale; pristine condition with a flawless globe.  I pack real, real nice too so you won't come home to a box in a puddle. 



Still have one Celestial Icon left.  No box but essentially perfect.  You know you want it...  You also know you want this lamp.

Shoot me a photocopy of your W-2 and I will provide a price.  ;-)

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