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Interesting find at Spencer's (new to me) Anyone else seen these before?

So I got burned by a uber cloudy neon lamp but this find made up for it...

Strolled into a Spencer's last Sunday and I was taken by suprise at what I saw sitting in the among the lamps. The employee asked me if they could help me, I said I was just looking for new lamps and pointed to the red/blue lamp on the shelf and said "like that"...

The store employee casually explained that they had that color around Christmas and sold out and just now got it back. I tend to keep up to date on the new lamps as they are released but I never saw or heard of a red/blue lamp at anytime last year.

Does anyone know about this? Is it a Spencer's exclusive? I can't seem to find any info online.

As for the lamp itself...I'm loving the colors and it flows as good as I've seen China made lamp flow. Overall I'm impressed.  

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I had that lamp formally known as the "Silver Aristocrat Series" in blue/red and it was so awesome to watch.  Hopefully once LL sets foot back on US soil they can bring back all the original lamps.  

Derek Hyde said:

Don't waste your money on it, it really sucks.

I purchased a U.S. made 52ozthe red in blue and its one of my favorite color combos. That was also the first time I noticed the difference of the flow quality between U.S. and China made globes. The 52oz black in orange is also a personal favorite. I like it because of the unique color combo. It defenently was not meant to be a bright lamp. Personally I think LL released the lackluster 20oz and spencers orderd the 52ozRed globe. The only time I turn it on is when all the lights are off. It does't matter how big it is, its how you use it......no pun intended of course.

I see Spencers added this to their website.


Huh. That's weird. 

Matt said:

I see Spencers added this to their website.


I just ordered one.... We shall see...
Hope it's nice, if so I'll be transferring it to a century globe and base

Honestly, I would just put blue food coloring in a 90's #10 globe.  Though I have a badass bottle capper and already have a real 90's #27

okay so i just called my local spencers to ask if they had these in stock. i asked the kid on the phone if they had a 52oz with red wax blue liquid...kid says "uuuhhhh...whata you mean wax?" i had to dumb it down further..."red blobby stuff and blue water"...he says "uhhhh...i think we gots green..."  

damn...quit somkin weed in the break room and learn about the products you sell!!!! lol :P

^ LOL at Tiffany. He's been product-testing the bongs. 

I've had terrible luck with the lamps at Spencer's. Bought a 20oz, cloudy. Exchanged for a 52 oz, cloudy. Exchanged again and the globe had way too many bubbles. I got fed up and just asked for my money back. That being said, the red/blue combo is great and I hope yours comes in clear, Metallica man. Please post pics!

im shure if i would asked about bongs or anthing with boobs on it he would have been very helpful lol :P
Erin said:

^ LOL at Tiffany. He's been product-testing the bongs. 

I happened to be at a mall yesterday so I stopped by Spenser's to see if they had gotten any more Neons back in stock.  They didn't but they did have at least two of these new red/blue lamps. 

I wasn't planning on buying one, but I gave in. O;) 

The checkout girl said she had never seen this one before and the girl behind her said that they had just come in.

I took a quick peek at it when I got home and the liquid looked clear.  Haven't had a chance to run it yet.

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