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Interesting find at Spencer's (new to me) Anyone else seen these before?

So I got burned by a uber cloudy neon lamp but this find made up for it...

Strolled into a Spencer's last Sunday and I was taken by suprise at what I saw sitting in the among the lamps. The employee asked me if they could help me, I said I was just looking for new lamps and pointed to the red/blue lamp on the shelf and said "like that"...

The store employee casually explained that they had that color around Christmas and sold out and just now got it back. I tend to keep up to date on the new lamps as they are released but I never saw or heard of a red/blue lamp at anytime last year.

Does anyone know about this? Is it a Spencer's exclusive? I can't seem to find any info online.

As for the lamp itself...I'm loving the colors and it flows as good as I've seen China made lamp flow. Overall I'm impressed.  

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lava luva ~ Tiffany said:

im shure if i would asked about bongs or anthing with boobs on it he would have been very helpful lol :P
Erin said:

^ LOL at Tiffany. He's been product-testing the bongs. 

I went thru 4 of these, all duds...... I went thru the entire stock my Spencer's got of them :(

Duds in what way?

I hope it was not because the lava just sat there mine did that too just seemed it was not hot enough so I put in a 40 watt spot and poof mine works perfect now. I could leave mine on for 4 hours and the lava would  just kinda float there at the bottom. Now it takes about an hour and flows great.

Ken, do you have a bulb number?  My new red/blue took forever to get some movement.  It's not bad, but it could be better.

GE soft white spotlite 40 number on pkg is 47700 (r16) bulb. mines been on for over 9 hours and still flowing nice. bought it at walmart


i got one of these today and its fantastic so far. my spencers never has anything new but i had to go to the mall and get a new pair of shoes (some jerk stole mine and my hubbys nikes off our front portch can you believe that?) so i figured i just stop in spencers to check again and they had only one red/blue and it was the display model (they did not have one on display last week) i asked if they had any more and the guy said it was the only one they got in. it has great color, clarity and flow so i bought the display. imagine me carring a hot lamp around the mall lol. ill post pics soon!

okay so i havnt fired it up yet cuz apon closer inspection its a tiny bit hazy so imma let it sit till tommrow. im shure its cuz the dumb ass who got it down ruffed it up a bit. well that and me carrying it around the mall hot lol. but at the store it was crystal clear and flow was nice so im sure it will clear. the only thing is it has quite a few of those pesky little bubbles in the globe.

Lol I've done that. But I had them turn it off and came back 3 hours later. Mine were duds they didn't flow at all. Tryed higher watt bulb. And all of them were cloudy. One u could barely see the lava. But I must say the globes were awesome very few light spots!

well mine is good but it has a bunch of those tiny spots dammit! i may end up dumping it into a screw top.

bought it today. it's been running for 3 hours  so far and it's a cloudy mess. some of the wax is sticking to the bottom as well. it was the only blue/red goo they had, so i'm probably going to return it tomorrow for a blue/white goo. i'm beginning to think living in miami is terrible for collecting lava lamps because of the 24/7 heat.

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