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So why cant Mathmos produce these lamps?

Why are they taking peoples money without so much as a buy or  leave, keep them waiting for months on end. 

And why dont they keep them informed about what is happening? 

It seems a really bad way of trading to me and is the main reason why i will not buy one. 

What are your experiences with the io and your responses from Mathmos. Im just very curious as to this really bad way of trading. 

Thanks J

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I have just heard that Mathmos are having real trouble with the iO lamp. Apparently the chrome is flaking away from the metal parts. 

If you are noticing this on your iO, i suggest you contact them ASAP. 

Shame cos they are a lovely lamp. Lets hope that they can sort this out and get them back on sale. 

I still think they should bring back the LUNAR! Cos we all love it! 

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