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This time astro baby and telstar bottles. Pink green, clear white and green orange. 

So come on guys n gals vote clear white. I want my millennium telstar back to it's old self again. 

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It seems the Europeans have it even worse, with bottles costing a whopping 41 euros.

Seems it's 39, so they got an increase of 2euros too.

I had word back from Mathmos, they are essentially saying that last year's special fill was £39, so they reduced it to £32 and removed the discount to make it more accessible to more people.

It’s Greedy, but I suppose they have to recover some costs from all the faulty bottles they have sent out over the last 15 months, trust me I’ve had plenty that have been going back & forth with scratched and chipped glass, sticky wax, leaking bottles:,cloudy liquid, faded master fluid, wax with debris in it and one with a fly in the wax.

Despite video & photographic proof of every fault they basically accused me of being a liar in the comments section of the return form ( which I was not supposed to see  ) I did get a written apology but only after telling them I would contact my solicitor regarding the defamatory comments made against me.

In a way I get it to be honest,  I'm guessing there is more value for them this way or they wouldn't have made the switch in the middle of a promotional period.

I suppose in a way the enthusiasts may well end up being the ones they make the least amount of money off due to the "pickiness", which is something they probably don't see from more casual purchasers.

It is a shame though.

I ended up only buying 3. Hey ho.

I don't understand why they don't just sell clear white anyway. It's hugely popular, way more than the dingy pond water black colour they do. I suspect a hitler is in charge and they only get it their way, either that or the CEO is too busy topping up her tan in southern France in her jacuzzi. 

In any event. I will be closely scrutinising my bottles. Any imperfections at all and they are going right back! And I will publish any faults here, so Mathmos these had better be the best bottles you've ever made! 

I would definitely love to see the clear bottle switch to a less dismal colour.  If they are trying to corner the "moody teenager"/goth market they could do red/black(plum) and stick a more jovial colour in the clear liquid for the rest of us!

Hell, even my moody teenager with a monochrome wardrobe ditched the clear/black in favour of something a little more visible and upbeat.

As an aside - speaking of the white discolouration over time, I've noticed that my turquoise (in everyday use for 10-12 hrs) is developing an ever so slight yellowy tinge.  That makes me a little sad as I absolutely love that colourway.  I'd really like for them to plough some money into researching how to make "white" stay white.

Nevertheless, I have ordered my 3 bottles, they'll be staying boxed up though until I see a nice telstar/astrobaby base that takes my fancy.  I missed out on the black/copper telstar which I absolutely adore, and silver is just plain boring, I never really use my astrobaby base now.  I had originally wanted to buy some extra white bottles to potentially fill an old empty astro bottle with, but I just can't justify the cost

My clear turquoise astro has also significantly gone darker. And as you say a little yellow tinge. But I have had this bottle since the heritage line was introduced. 

It is way overactive and spurts into a mad frenzy as soon as heated. So I have to turn the dimmer down halfway just to enjoy it properly. It is a beautiful bottle tho. 

Here's a piccy of it. 

Here's a shot of our Astro Baby turquoise and clear bottle, although it looks darker when actually viewed than the photo shows.

The clear turquoise is really beautiful, thank you for the photos  guys :)

Impressive service from Mathmos, ordered the bottles on 27th and I've just received a text to say there's a Mathmos delivery arriving today. I wasn't expecting them to arrive for a few weeks, but that's beyond quick given they were going to be filled to order. Excellent service that is. 

Yep I was shocked too.  I'm fairly certain it had said on the website that it may take 2-3 weeks.

Yes, two to three weeks, a very pleasant surprise to receive them earlier. I've never ordered a one day special before so I'm not sure how long it usually takes them to do the special runs. 

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