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This time astro baby and telstar bottles. Pink green, clear white and green orange. 

So come on guys n gals vote clear white. I want my millennium telstar back to it's old self again. 

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My two are being delivered on tuesday boohoo. Still a lot sooner than expected. 

So come on get snapping, i wanna see one.

By the way here's my clear turquoise by night. 

I'll run a bottle up when it arrives, not due to late this afternoon. I was looking at a picture MonsoonStorm posted of their old white and clear, I loved the colour, so I'd be happy to see mine change over time. 

No we are not all assholes. Some of us are nice and some are lovely, but yes like anywhere some are complete assholes and some are sons of hitler. 

Unfortunately some sons of hitler work for Mathmos. And if you're unlucky to get one on your case, you might as well forget it. 

I however like you Lampaddict. 

It’s true I’ve had some terrible customer service from certain individuals who I shall not name.

But credit where it’s due I must say Tao has dealt with most issues I’ve had over the last few months and he has excelled in providing great customer service, so, thank you!!

It's starting to lift off the bottom of the lamp now, that's quick. I have found that the white Astro bottle heats quicker than other colours as well, along with the three in one bottles. 

Wow! They're gorgeous. Obviously a lady of taste. Can't wait to get mine. Got me all excited now! 

For anyone who's interested in these white bottles and how they alter in colour with use, here's a photo for you. The Astro bottle has been run four times for six hours each time. The Astro Baby bottle was run for the first time last night, for four and a half hours. I didn't know about the Astro bottle special run last year, so I missed out on the offer. But I purchased this one brand new, boxed in December 2020, so it's new in my eyes. Note the slight colour difference, the Astro bottle has changed colour since purchase, but not a lot. 

These look absolutely amazing.  Such a clean setup :)

Susan said:

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