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I bought a yellow Fluidium replacement and moved it to an Astro.


Turns out that Fluidiums contain about twice as much wax, but exactly the same amount of fluid as an Astro. Sorta half confirms my feeling that Fluidiums simply are upside down Astros. ;-D


First I used both coils from the Fluidium, but it turned out that the small coil had to be removed and the large coil had to be widened. The gap between the two coils was too large and caused most of the wax to collect on the small coil, centering it in on one focal point thus causing overheating.


The large coil first wasn't wide enough, so the molten wax disconnected from one side of the bottle, causing a gap between wax and glass.


Now it works perfectly and is really nice to look at, here's some pics:

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So far it ran for four hours in one go. I avoid overheating my lamps (for fear of clouding, especially in refurbished ones) and switch them off when they start making small blobs that stay at the top for too long, which I don't like to see anyway cuz I'm a fool for the "hot air balloon" motion. :-)

I remember reading about using frosted bulbs for misbehaving lamps, maybe this might help?

@the Others:
You know how it is: Things to meet, people to do.... But when the lava bug comes back to bite me, I'm always happy to dive back into the OG-Orbit... :-D
Great idea and a great result :)

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