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I apologize about the delay, but as at least one of you knows, last week was a nightmare. The good news is that I passed my CMS audit last week. The better news... things are mellowing out and its time to move some lamps!

There is one lamp/globe that I am seeking and that is a red/white 52 ounce US globe. Would prefer with a midnight Aristocrat base/cap, but will work with just the globe. You have this globe and its high quality, you are bumped up in the queue.

Lamps come from a cigarette smoke free home. That's all I'll say about that.

Please note that this list is a work in progress and will be update. Eventually, I will replace "Preliminary" in the discussion title to "Final".

So here goes...

Fantasia Fiber Optics

  • Pair of Black Sunbursts - would really really like to sell as a pair
  • Regency
  • Firely
  • Firefly Gold
  • Love Story
  • Love Bug
  • Ecstacy

Fantasia Glitter Graphics

  • Rolls Royce
  • Unicorn and Rainbow
  • Red Dragon

Lava Lamps

  • Windsor Consort
  • Executive Consort
  • Clear/red Giant
  • Blue/White Giant
  • Blue/Yellow Giant
  • Pink/Purple Giant
  • Maybe all my Icons... (only missing Seamore)
    • Including Kenny (serious offers only)
  • Yellow/lime 32 ounce, in box, ran maybe 2 or 3 times (serious offers only)
  • Purple Excalibur Glitter
  • Blue Excalibur Glitter
  • More exciting lamps to come

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Yes Claude - the Elek-Tricks are still on the chopping block. As are a full set of Swirls, a full set of Safari series and an Americana.

I am interested in the Windsor & Executive if still available.

I'm interested in one of your fantasia lamps.  I just sent you friend request.

Hey Jim,

We discussed the Windsor earlier this month. Pm details at your leisure.


Pair of Sunbursts, Firefly Gold and the Regency please

pls consider me for a blue/yellow giant, maybe even a pair if possible...and say hi to Patrick for me ...wink..wink

I sent you a friend request so we could discuss the sale of one of your lamps.  Did you get my request?

Just wanted to check in. While I indicated things have mellowed out, that was wishful thinking. Less stress, but always more work than I can handle.

Anywho, doing my best to be more responsive this time around and get these lamps in some new homes.

There will be some instances where multiple members will want one of my lamps. I will be as fair as possible and won't do any bidding war bullshit. I'm about the nicest guy I know and I'm sure you'll agree after dealing with me.

Soylent - yes indeed, have three wave machines that need to go. Just forgot to list them in the initial post. There will be tons more added, most likely on Saturday. The Binding of Isaac is calling my name for Saturday morning, but lamp stuff will come first.

LOL, "cigarette smoke free home..."  LOVE IT!

I'm interested in one or both of the Consorts and the yellow/lime.

Jim, I would like to put my name on the list for a Giant. Regret selling mine. Please PM on what variants you have left, and hopefully we could work out something. Thanks

Sent a friend request with a msg, summary of which is that I have been looking for a USA blue giant for ages, plz hit me up if you still have one! Thx!

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