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Let me preface this thread by letting you know I am beyond swamped at work. I will likely be unable to ship any lamps until after the US Presidential election in November.

Many have inquired about lamps and I have largely blown you off. Its nothing personal, my love of lava isn't what it once was and I have just been too damn busy.

Reece is first up if Reece is still interested in the Icon trade we discussed.

I know Voxul was interested in either an Astro or a Telstar.

GT was interested in either the Tortoiseshell or Cheetah safari.

The black light rain lamp is long gone and now belongs to Jack.

Critter wants any of my rarities.

Besides that, who else was interested? Shoot me an IM or respond to this thread and I will try to get back to you in a reasonably fast manner.

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I am interested in your Imperial and Fantasia Regency. 

Jim, we once talked about me buying a re-capped #15 from you, do you still have that?

Other than that, I was wondering about a few things...

1) Do you have any spare excalibur globes, in any color, lava or glitter, in the short bottle style?

2) Do you still have that green/white aristocrat?

3) Would you be interested in selling some of your elec-tricks? I still need several colors.

4) Maybe a giant? I really can't affiord that right now, but it's a dream of mine, and maybe by November...?

If I could get a blue/white giant I would be stoked!!
I'm interested in your Grande / Giant 27"/ Grande Heritage lamps.

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