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Late 90's #02 bottle problem - doming after about 2.5 hours.

I picked up a late 90's #02 bottle with a black base, cap was missing.

The colors are really nice and fluid is crystal clear. Yellow fluid, red lava. The fluid looks more like a dark yellow than a bright yellow.

The problem is the lamp works beautifully for about 2-1/2 hours at which time give or take the lava just creates a dom at the bottom of the bottle. Until that time it works exactly as you would expect.

Now keep in mind my place this past weekend has been hovering around the high 70's unless I put the A/C on. The lava itself seems in good condition, no oddities to speak of.

Any thoughts/comments?

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Does it go to a stage of goo balls collecting at the top before it domes?  That would mean it's getting too hot.  If it goes directly from normal flow to doming, I'm not sure.  It could be heat, it could be the wax is nearly dead, it could be something else.

try putting a dimmer on it and turn it down to about 75% once it starts flowing well.  Chances are it's just getting hot if it's a 32oz globe.  If it's one of the larger ones, I have a few that blob and I still can't figure out why they're unhappy. 

Keith, starts off normal, goes to the thick gooey strings and such and then kinda starts to dom, kinda of out of nowhere

Bridget: Not a bad idea but I am kinda reaching the limit of lamps in terms of what I can display so if I does it when it cools off a bit, I will put it away for a rainy day when I can tinker around with it.

It's a shame as the color combo looks real nice while it works correctly.

would you like to show us a picture of the nice color combo?

Peter I will try and take a video this evening. I need the sun to go down a bit so I can get a video with a bad glare from the window. Stay tuned.

If someone has interest in this bottle let me know.

You don't have it in the window do you?

No of course not but remember I just got it and who knows where the last owner kept it. I will try and get video tomorrow, I just got lazy this evening lol.

So, I ran the bottle for almost 6 hours tonight and it worked perfectly. The flow was great and no doming. My place was cooler this evening and i had the A/C on. The place was around 74 degrees where the other night was near 79 or so. Nice and string/gooey flow like most other 90's lamps.

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