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I just wanted to share 4 of the latest lamps I received.


The first three I got from Amazon...there are Lava Lite Classics, but I got them because I didn't recognize the colors... They are Neon Green, Neon Watermelon and Neon Blue.   What is interesting is that the bases are done in the Midnight Style.  Decent Flow, but a little cloudy.


The fourth one is from Loren's custom lamps.  Thanks Loren...it works great and has great flow!



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I've been curious about those smaller Neons on Amazon.com. How big are they? They are smaller than the 52oz. right?

I think Loren's is the best of the bunch! :)

What do you think about the new neons - they looks like standard china lamps to me but a different design.
I am not really a fan of them due to the quality of the globes and also they are no match for the 90's neons.

My neon is awesome! The flow is 90s like, the wax has a creamy silky look to it. It's one my favs.

The 3 neons are 20oz.  Tim is right in that they are from China.  They look like they're clearing up and they are a lot better that previous Chinese Lava Lites I've gotten.


Loren's IS the best.  I love that sky blue color...you can compare it to the aqua I have in background.

are the neons black light reactive?

I don't think so - i have heard that they arnt.

lava luva ~ Tiffany said:

are the neons black light reactive?

Well we need to see pics! C'mon! :)

Metallica man said:

My neon is awesome! The flow is 90s like, the wax has a creamy silky look to it. It's one my favs.

Awesome, Carlos! I'm glad it got there in one piece, and that you're happy with it! :D

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