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Hi all,

I have a 90s USA lamp with some strange flow. I have uploaded photos below;

The majority of the melted wax tends to stay in a dome at the bottom, while releasing little "bubbles". It stays at the bottom the entire time, even though there is still some minimal flow. I tilt it side to side, and the wax at the bottom moves around- it's almost like the wax stays with the coil.

The issue may not be the heat output.. I leave it on for 4 hours and it flows this way. I left it on overnight, and it flows this way.

The issue may also not be the wax, because I have seen it flow optimally for a little a couple times before. I have even used a hairdryer to get more of the wax up, which had a small effect.

- I tried with and without a heat ring

- Correct bulb is being used

- Coil is always in correct position

Because of the flow issue, the lamp appears awfully dark in person.. so I have been wondering, how can I correct this flow?

Why is the wax behaving this way? Is there a water density problem? Is there any way to get it up and moving correctly?  Any help would be highly appreciated.

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I don’t know fore sure and i wouldn’t do this unless I had to but , maybe the wax to needs re melted without the water inside, then cool down then add the water back? I had a 90s lamp that flowed bad or not at at and I did that and it works.

if you wana know more let me know I’ll find some of the post from here about how to do it . I also wouldn’t open the lamp until I had no other choice . In lava library they have some good tips also . Let me know how it goes . The color looks cool . Good luck 

What temperature is the globe getting to? It should get to about 120F to flow and can get up to about 140F at full temperature. I can't say for sure, but this could be a density issue. You can add glycerol in 1-5ML amounts at a time and see what it does. If it doesn't react after 5ML I'd leave it be. If you see it start to rise a bit you can keep adding it until it flows. I have yet to come across this specific issue so I can't say for sure though.

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