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I was looking at getting this, seems pretty cool to me, but I need some expert input. What do you think it's worth, is this a fair deal?
Also, here's an icon (?) that I was looking at too. again, is it worth it? I see there is a bit of interest. I saw another one that has a buy it now price of $170, which is way out of my price range...

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The icon will sell for 175 to 210 just wait and see
wow, it's beautiful, but damn, the price, lol!! I guess I should grow my collection more before thinking of investing in that one.....*sigh* I want it though, real bad!! Maybe I'll ask my husband for christmas....
i was hopin' to sneak in and get it for a crisp, new twenty dollar bill.
Get the phone, that's a killer starter price! I love mine, it works well. Just not a very good volume control, too loud! It's worth owning.
Was hopeing this was going fly under the radar and I could pick it off, o well let the war begin lol
I think I'll keep an eye on the phone, that seems like a cool thing to own!! I like the icon, but I don't know if I can handle the price, lol! I could spend hundreds!! I hate that there are never any on our area craigslist, I found one, it's a 45 minute drive, but well worth the $10 price tag......good luck to anyone looking to give that icon a home, it's beautiful, but too rich for my blood.....
Link to the craigslist ad ?
ha!! I'm picking it up this week. wayne where are you located? do you get a lot of them on craigslist? I did a search for nearby and found 4 ads, one of which was a garage sale, one who actually replied to me and I still haven't heard from the others. I also put my local goodwill and salvation army on lookout for me. It pays to stay friendly with them, lol!!
so if I miss out of this one I''m safe, lol!!
I've gotten about 20 from craigslist, and 4 from goodwill's and 4 or so from ebay. I'm in Lexington Ky. It pays to ask craigslist people if they will ship ( about 75% will )
yeah, he offered to ship it, but it cost less to drive down and get it, plus then I can hit up some goodwills and things in Des Moines!
You did have them send a picture right? Rule of craigslist always make sure you know what your getting!

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