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It has been a while since I posted any goodies like this, but I have not been cast away from the grace of Lava Lite I assure you. Here is their newest product that will be coming to stores soon.


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It's not bad at least they are going in the right direction using more patterns rather then sesame street characters and sponge bob batman etc. I would like to see more earth toned patterns like the old marble bases. That granite base for the colossus would be killer in a 52 or 32.

Saw it. Not bad. I don't think it's considered polite internet etiquette to post someone else's pic, so I'll... not. 

That's what I was thinking too, so thought I would just describe and map out how to view it.  :-)

Erin said:

Saw it. Not bad. I don't think it's considered polite internet etiquette to post someone else's pic, so I'll... not. 

I saw one at our Spencer's today. Not running though. Just in the TOOB.

Mike(Blind Faith) said:

I want that Plaid! I love Plaid it covers 3/4  of my Closet.

Finally took the time to find that pic and I LIKE it!!  So with all the new lamps coming out I might get in trouble. ;)

Jim said:

It appears that Lava Lite may have an additional 32 ounce lamp they recently introduced.  I just saw a post by Bohdan on Facebook regarding a new lamp.  I can only assume it will eventually be available at Spencers.  Not sure if its cool to post a Facebook photo, but it appears to be a black, white and pink plaid base with a clear/pink globe.  To see for yourself, navigate to Facebook, go to Lava Lite's wall and view posts by others.

Ok, I don't post much on this forum, but I gotta speak up on this topic.

I recently purchased the Rainbow and Plaid models at my local Spencer's and am totally in awe of the quality.

I always open any lamp I buy in store to check for cloudiness before I go up the counter to check out.  When I opened up the Rainbow one, it was crystal clear, it almost appeared to me that there was no master fluid in it at all.  I get it home and light it up and low and behold it is ultra clear and the lava is so darn white.  The lamp performs very well and seems to get better every day as it breaks in.  Just a few days ago I got the plaid.  Pink is pretty much my last choice in colors, but of course I have to buy anything with any remote promise.  Glad I did because this one was epic-  it has to be the clearest globe I have ever seen ever- even when it gets hot, it remains perfectly clear.  It too, performs very well.  Neither do any sepantine flow, but they do stretchy blobs and are quite active.  I am totally satisfied for $25


2 good lamps, big deal I got lucky right?  Well that's the other thing- I have purchased a few neons in the last year (Green and Purple) and they perform well.  In fact, the purple rivals american flow- no joke (it even does serpantine flow, though not the type that is from top to bottom like a solid column, more like stretching close to the top and bobing a bit).  I'm in love with that purple one.  Yellow clear is one of my favorite combos, so of course I wanted the yellow neon, but of course they never have them in the physical store.  I went through friggin 5 neon yellows from spencers online store, all arrived cloudy beyond hope.  I tried to filter one with that expensive ceramic filter thing and then it didn't flow!!!!!  I was ready to give up and just wait for news of american production when I went in to buy the Rainbow one and while checking out I asked the clerk about the neon yellow- she offered to call a store about 15 miles away to check stock.  They had 4 of them there, so needless to say I flew over and bought 3 (gotta be safe and hope one performs well).  Anyway, long story short the first and only one I tried of the 3 purchased stayed clear (that was another thing, the ones I got from the online store became even more cloudy upon running) and flowed nearly as well as the purple neon.  There is one catch in all this- to get the amazing flow, I had to use a 60watt bulb with a century base and a dimmer switch.  The sweet spot for the amazing flow on the purple, green and yellow is about 4/5 dimmed and in that century base.  So they really still have work to do at Lava World, as they need to get them to flow well on a 40watt bulb in the base that comes with them, but hey I'll gladly use my set-up to get otherwise lame lamps to flow to satisfaction.


One side note, I did also Buy a neon watermelon when I bought the Plaid pink one, and so far it works on the same set up as the other neons, but seems to have inferior flow to the Green, Purple and Yellow. It is new though and I am still breaking it in.  Fingers crossed that it gets on the level with the others, though if I had to pick a neon to fail it would be this one since it's pink and I will likely rarely use it anyway:)


I am totally ready to buy any newly added 52 or 32oz lamps as they are released to see if they can keep this up.  Definitely new stuff only though, I don't want to get stuck with any of their backstock trash (what I think you get from their online store at spencer's).

Good to hear about people being happy. Does anyone have a picture of this plaid pink lamp?

Bought one this weekend, but haven't opened it up yet.  I'll try to get a pic tonight

Mike (BlindFaith) has one (the Plaid one). 

Wow. Thats really nice. Thank you for the pic Erin.

You're welcome. That's Mike's lamp. He *had* to have it! :)

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