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Someone told me "regular" light bulbs are not going to be manufactured much longer.  Going to the new energy saving types only being made.

Will this affect bulbs we need for our lamps?

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You're right!

Governments way of going "green" is more "$$$ green" than "eco green".

Here in France, to protect the planet, they made a new law which push people to buy diesel cars instead of gas cars.

The result: ok less CO2, but far more carcinogen particules with diesel.

How green is that? :-)

Banning incandescent is the same:

we'll "save" some electricity, but we'll gain other health problems...

Poor planet!

Anson Cheung said:

Fact: the power saving bulbs have mercury in them, much more harmful and causing brain damage.

Thanks for the link on the 30W appliance bulbs Dr.WHAT?!  Would these be good for a goo-kit 32oz globe instead of using a dimmer switch?

In the United States, it is only the incandescent light bulbs 100 watts and higher that will be discontinued.  All remaing bulbs from 75 watts and lower will still be manufactured, albiet with strict energy efficiency guidelines in place; so almost all incandescents you see in the future will probably be Halogen bulbs.

Fortunately for us goo-heads in the United States, we will never have to worry because 40W APPLIANCE bulbs will NEVER be discontinued.  To date there are no alternative lighting sources able to operate inside an oven!

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