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Limited edition Lava Grande with blue liquid, white wax. I was told only 100 made?

Its in original unopened packing box,

Make reasonable offer. These were selling on eBay for $300 Plus when available.

I have one opened one I'm keeping as collectors items.

I will post pics of opened one soon as I dig out of storage

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How do you filter them I have one that's cloudy and only puts off small globs of circlular lava.
Cheapcoolstuff says hot to cold to hot... will seperate the lava and clear up the blue.
Are they just giving a generic answer?
The whole story on the blue/white Grandes has changed or lost some truth over the years. True 100 were going to be made for a wholesaler from LavaWorld but he cancelled the whole order, when said and done 121 were made and they all went to dealers. The majority of them were cloudy but all seem to run great and will clear up in time.

Anyone interested enough to pay $300 plus shipping for my new in box blue/white?
I need to get this stuff out of my house, it's making me cry to see it. I have all the boxes stacked in my bathroom since I can't get up anymore, a nurse comes and gives me bed baths. I bet you guys think it's nice huh? I'd give anything to get back up and get a shower.
Want to know the irony to all of this? That I have all kinds of new never open lights of all kinds. And I'll never get to open and see them. Then I think "why did I buy this stuff? I really didn't need it. It's the material value that grabs you to buy.
It was kind of a sickness. I was a shopaholic. I bought things on impulse. "Hey that's cool I'll buy it" But I didn't need.
Some that were supposed to be the next "limited" There was even talk of a white/black lava lamp.
Was supposed to look like chocolate and milk I guess. The black/clear came out after the blue/white.
It was talked of being limited. I asked them "what will be the limited lamp?" They said "Well we're coming out with a black clear one soon. It might be. But I guess they didn't get the results they wanted, so it remained.
That was the last color for lava grandes wasn't it? I don't think there's been another new color since.
Anyway I'm ranting. If Daniele's still around she offered me $300. But I believe I didn't logon to see it.
I wasn't feeling well for several months on and off.

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