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My new baby!!  Don't own any glitter, so this will be my first!!!



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Congratulations!!  If you can find one I like a light bulb tinted the same color as the globe, especially in a darker room. 

Keith, what wattage do the wiz glitter's take?  do they take the same as the goo ones?  I have a 25 watt and a 40 watt for my goo wiz, but I can't remember what comes stock.  I think i was having a problem getting my older wiz to flow due to the fact that it was under my daughter's bed for like ever so I bought a 40 watt and put that in.  That was causing it to get too hot since the globe sits almost right on top of the bulb so i took it back down to a 25.  What does the glitter usually run on?


Where would I find that type of bulb in color options?  Online?

I think 25 watt works for both wax and lava in a wizard.  My red glitter wizard was bought second hand and had the bulb with it, I CAN'T FIND THEM!!! 

I actually have it stored and don't remember for sure, but I think mine is 15 watts.  Makes for a more mellow flow

Also wanted to add that the colored bulb makes the punch-outs in the base match the color of the globe.

I didn't think those small 25 watt bulbs came in color options....i'm gonna look online.  This lamp will be in my bedroom, so yes, it would be nice to not have the white light shining through the holes.


Carol, regarding the wizard that was too hot, you can bend the housing/bracket so that the bulb isn't as close to the bottom of the bottle. One of the things I love about wizards is that you can dial them in perfectly just by adjusting the height of the bulb. I can't say as far as glitters, since I don't own any, but I have 7 different lava wizards all running on 40 watt bulbs that have been adjusted either higher or lower to accommodate their respective bottles. Anyway, just a thought in case you have a hard time finding the 25 watt bulbs.

Thnx Rob!!!! 

Wizards are shipped from the factory with 40 watters but you can run the glitters with 25s. I think it is actually better to run the glitters with 25s since they dont need much heat. As mentioned by Rob, you can easily bend the bulb bracket when running lavas to get the right flow.

What a score Carol. I don't know how much they usually fetch with the original box but seems like a bargain to me.

Its no secret on here how much I like the Wizard glitters!

congrats, I'm really jealous!  :)

Pete, i'm not an expert on prices with the going market, but I believe they are ranging anywhere from mid 30's to high end 70's.  BUT.......I think one would be pretty lucky to score a New In Box for anything less then 40.00, which I guess makes me one of the lucky ones.  The box still has what looks to be the Spencer's price tag on it.  Seller claims she took it out of the box for pics but that it has never been run (just for the listing).  The bidding started at 14.99!!!  I knew it was going to get bided up by the end of the auction.  I didn't expect to get it for 14.99 although there were only 2 other bidders on it.  Weird thing is I NEVER go on ebay but was bored the other night and thought "oh let me just take a look to see if there are any glitter wiz's on there"!!!!  haahaaa......and lo and behold!!!  I've wanted one for almost a year now.  There was a glit wiz listed for 70.00 but it had a huge dent right in the tip of the cap.  This is one of my bday gifts from hubbie.  He said if I could win it he would take over the financial end, lol!!!  He's not an ebayer, lol!!!  I think Vox scored his NIB purple/multi for upper 40's.  Market is being weird right now in the states!!!


Thanx Rax, I'm excited.  I'm going to see if I can ONLY hold out for Friday flow to post pics.  Hopefully I'll get it mid week!!!

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