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I found 2 new colors for Astro bottles and Astrobaby bottles on the Mathmos store site. Clear/Turquoise and Clear/Pink. They are not at Electric Planet yet, but I sent an e-mail to them asking if they would be stocking them.

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I am not sure about buying in bulk as I don't think I could unload 50+ units like last time. I will just have to see, but I'm sure you and I could do a combo order if you wanted at the least and split the shipping. Basically I am waiting to be sure they have worked through the bad batch thing- don't want to pay for shipping on something that doesn't work. Also, I am kind of waiting to see if another post was right about Clear / Purple ones being seen in a shop in the UK. If this be the case- I would want some of these at the same time. I'm going to play it safe and wait for the time being.

As far as my Grande's go- The Clear/Red is amazing (Flow), the Purple/Pink seems disappointing, but maybe will get better with more running (Color seems lame). The other 2 are good enough for me.

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