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Hi Guys, I am new to the site and am desperate to find a Smart Astro. I am currently collecting the parts to try and build one myself but I would also love to have to have the real thing. I love anything that involves colour changing LED's lol  My first lava lamp was a 3 in 1 where u changed the bulb to change between red, blue and green. I was about 15 and I so wish I kept it as I would love to have it now. Would be up for part swap etc, I have a white Fluidium, A copper Crestworth lantern which I am refurbishing so can come with any colour bottle. I also have a spare white and clear bottle. I live in London but have family in the USA who you could post to and I would get them to bring it over if you didn't feel comfortable shipping to the UK from the USA.

Hopefully look forward to hearing from someone 


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Steven?  You live in the UK and your trying to find a Smart Astro here in the USA?  Is the astros over there in such limited supply that none can be had over there?  Please don't burst my bubble.  As of recently, I do not buy anything pretty much post 2003 and do cruise through the UK EBAY for MATHMOS, CRESTWORTH, lamps.  Please say it aint so!  Good luck with your hunt if this is the case.  I know the elusive lamp feeling!  Have fun with your addiction! :)


Yes sadly I cannot find one anywhere, Somebody recently posted one on eBay, had a lot of interest and then decided not to sell it because they want it to go up i value in more. so sad to know its sitting in their loft gathering dust so they can potentially make an extra few pounds on it when it could be being enjoyed by someone who would appreciate it so much. I practically begged them to sell but no luck! do you see them come up for sale on ebay in the USA very often?



No sir. Not very often at all.

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