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Looking to hire a Lava Lamp restorer or a guide to restore a Colossus.

Hi there; I posted in another thread about wanting to buy a Colossus/Humungo, but alternatively, I have an opportunity to purchase a Collossus from a vintage store, but the water is very cloudy and I am wondering if there is anyone in the NY/NJ/CT area who could come repair the lamp if I were to purchase it? Failing that, is be happy to hire someone to guide us through the process.


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I can't help you but I am a fellow Tri-stater saying good luck, sounds like an exciting journey.

Ive done one

Its not exactly easy

But on the bright side, any floaters can be grabbed out by hand

Takes 5/6 quarts of goo, a whole bottle of suffacerent, and lotsa epoxy and tinkering to seal the cap

Claude J, would you be available to consult on a repair job for a fee?


No cash,

just send me a quarter of goo,.. lol

Claude, cool. I'll PM you with details if we buy it, thanks.


I hope you guys keep us up to date on this cool journey with photos and details.

Here are the steps in the regoo process


And here is how to rebuild the entire base, adjust for proper bulb height,  and improve it


How is the acquisition coming along?
Still deciding!

Decisions decisions lol

What are they asking for it?

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