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I have an aristocrat , century and wizard of 70's vintage wanting to trade.  The century with the starlight base has the original box.  really nice.  They are red except for the wizard/carlisle which is cleaned and ready to be re gooed.  It was yellow/blue.  April '77 model 300 on the wizard bottle sticker.  Dec '76 model 6000 on the aristocrat its red/clear  i think.  don't see a sticker on the century, but pretty sure its 70's though. its red/yellow.  It has an orig sticker on the top that says do not remove cap or add liquids.  The box is in great shape also.  Lava flows good on both for their age and they are not cloudy. Pics are not that great.  looking for Aladdin and Saturna mostly.  But also like the mathmos rockets , partial maybe on safari lamps from early 2000 especially the snakeskin, the early ones with the "splatter" paint.  maybe anything unusual or vintage 1960s-70 except the enchantress. can provide better pics if needed.  Ill prob put them on ebay if no interest.  thanks!!

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Aristocrat has a Coachlite globe (model 6000 - original probably got broken and was replaced early-on, or the factory put the "wrong" globe in). Don't see that every day.

"Wizard" is a 90s lamp. The model you have is a Carlisle.

You might find a Safari for these. Sorry to say, not any unusual lamps, or rarities like Aladdin or Saturna - a red Century (even with the box), a red Aristocrat and and a Carlisle are all very common models.

yes I know.  thats why I said wizard/carlisle 'case someone else didnt.  didnt realize about the coachlite.  maybe ill keep that globe.  was looking for partial trade on something mentioned.  thanks for your input though.  would like a snakeskin  or maybe hendrix.  anyone?

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