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Major Craigslist Find - Pink/Pink Giant on Black Base

I snagged this Pink/Pink Giant this morning in South Austin for $30!  I woke up around 1a last night to find that it was just listed on Craigslist in the last few hours:

I texted the former owner at 6:30a and by 10a this beauty was mine!

The guy said his friend gave it to him and he'd never run it -- his wife was making him get rid of stuff.  (I've never met her, but I know I love her!)

I had the globe strapped into the passenger seat of my pick-up.  All the way home, I couldn't stop looking at it.  The liquid looked neon to me -- like a pinkish orange-ish neon.  I had read all there was on OG about Giants before going to get it this morning, and I just couldn't place this color while driving down the road.

Here it is spiking...

I know it looks sorta' red (damn iPhone camera), but believe me - the liquid is pink!  I'm not sure if the wax is white or pink.  I can't wait for it to flow!  I'm so excited!!!  

The base has a couple of dents (I WILL get them out) and the original felt on the bottom is stamped Mar (can't read the day) 1996.

Erin - Patience does pay off!

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Great flow!

Brad - it's been flowing since noon today.  It's incredible.  It goes from snakes to balls and snakes to double snakes back to balls...  I LOVE IT!

Wow, great deal! Is that colossus sized?

It's Grande-sized, Ben.  It's a Giant the predecessor of the Grande sold in 1996 and 1997.  Appears to be rare - maybe only a 1000 or so produced.  The globes were imported from Germany and then hand-filled by Lava Lite in Chicago.  There was no production line for this one.  It didn't sell well - $299 @ Spencers.  The pink/pink was the rarest color combo of an already rare model.

The bargans are still there if you look hard enough (see astralav's find too)


Great score!!

That's awesome. Great find!

 The pink/pink is indeed the rarest Giant. Very nice find, it looks flawless.

u'll have to fight me!

Erin said:

Wow, I am blown away! Put my name on this one if you ever sell it. ;)

Rock on, Kirk! Dreamy flow in the rarest color!

very nice!  You are surly dedicated to be surfing Craigslist at 1a.m.!

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