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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know to grab your wallet and head over to eBay! A seller (Cindy) wonderful lady! Anyhow she came across a massive buy on a fiber optic lamp that has the super long fiber optic sprays and are full. They are plastic fibers but display beautifully! They have a cooling fan and are lit with a 35 watt halogen bulb, the fibers and color wheel rotate. She has a video that demonstrates the motion of the lamp on YouTube. Pictures and videos hardly do this lamp Justice! I have prior experience with these lamps and they are legit! I even can custom make color wheels for them like I did on the one I had a few years back. Anyhow. She has these things priced Right and at a steal honestly and will give a discount if buying more than one! I bought two and almost bought more! She has aprox 200 units brand new!! I am attaching a link to the listing and some of my photos of the spray. Get them while they last! Oh and please, if you do decide to purchase from her. PLEASE message her in eBay mentioning my name (Joe) sent me over from the Oozing Goo forum. Thanks guys! Oh and one of the pictures you see of the spray was me setting the spray in a Sunburst base. These sprays have a fat base and will not work on a Sunburst, I just wanted you to see the fullness! If you don't like the silver base you can spray paint it Black like I did the one I had years ago and in the one pictured in this discussion 


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Great video! I spray painted my base black, very easily, it came I out great! 

Erin said:

I am so glad you posted this thread, otherwise I might have not picked up on this lamp. It's really gorgeous in person. The spray seems just fine on mine. I would very much like to pain the base black or metallic black. But yes, they are a steal for this price!

I will post a video soon, as soon as it's done processing. YouTube is being finicky.

Here we go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9u7cGcr_gA

Thank you for the lead, placed an order on one today! 

Just got my lamp the other day, a beaut! Just wanted to ask, is it confirmed the variable speed the motor exhibits occasionally intended? Mine will rotate normal, speed up once and a while and then sometimes seem to slow down. To those that lubed their assembly, what is the best lubricant (I have sewing machine oil and white lithium grease)? What are the best lubrication points to note? Thank you all!

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